Calhoun 1991-2007

1993calandjohn 1993calb 1993calc 20011117IM000048b
Calhoun, John and dartboard. Circa 1993. Calhoun and BJ (I think) circa 1993. Included for the trippy flash effect. Look at that filthy carpet! And why is there a barstool in the hallway? Calhoun and the triplets in my lovely kitchen circa 1993. Note the card table breakfast nook, and the delectable litter box. Calhoun and Kristin, November 17, 2001.
20011210IM000041ab 20011225IM000175b 2001calhountruckb 20021113IM000299bb
December 10, 2001. December 25, 2001. Enjoying his Christmas catnip mouse and shoelace hat. Calhoun on the truck, circa 2001. November 13, 2002.
20021209IM000398b 20040515IM000697b 20050304IM001080b 20060823IMG_0159
Calhoun and Charlie, December 9, 2002. In the crabgrass, May 15, 2004. Calhoun and John, March 4, 2005. MacBook Cal. August 23, 2006.
20061216IMG_0370b 2006Calhoun 20070729IMG_2091 20071008IMG_2174
Relaxing with Kristin, December 16, 2006. iPhoto Cal, circa 2006 Grazin' in the Grass, July 29, 2007. The final days. October 8, 2007.